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Matthias Geiger

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My clients share the desire to live a fulfilled life. This includes healthy relationships, vital self expression, alignment with life purpose, feeling joy and being able to accept challenges and learn from them. C.G. Jung advised that we must follow our creative instinct for the sake of our healing and for connecting to our life force. Being creative means to have choice. On a fundamental level without creativity there is no art, no life, no healing and no change. It is creativity that enables us to change our perspective, to deliberately aim our focus and freely choose a direction. By accessing our inherent creative force, our life force, deep healing and growth becomes possible.



At times, challenges loom large and feel threatening. You might feel insecure, confused, stressed, disoriented, scared, overwhelmed or even anxious and depressed. Often there are painful past experiences or family histories present. Your story is unique and is strongly influenced by what you believe about yourself and the world. Limiting core beliefs might be: “I’m not good enough,“ “I’m not lovable,” “I can never let my guard down,” “I can’t express how I really feel,” “life is a struggle I must endure,” “I can’t trust anyone,” “my needs don’t matter.” How did these beliefs form and how can you let them go? We are compelled to mistake those beliefs for the truth. By recognizing our truth, we can start to let go of unhelpful patterns and habits and we can invite new ways and behaviors which better serve our lives.



In a mindful state we are able to recognize unwanted reactive habits and disconnect from being run by them. By becoming aware of present moment experiences we gain the freedom and ability to respond to life. It is important to pay attention to a felt sense in our body and develop skills to listen to the wisdom available to us there. In each session, we study your immediate experience to reveal patterns of behavior and make them conscious. I guide you to connect with your inherent capacity to heal and to be in alignment with your true self. From here you find your balance between freedom and responsibility and move forward in your life with integrity and joy.



CHOOSE TO HEAL – We are wired for healing and inherently have the capacity to feel whole. Engage with this organic process and integrate body, mind and spirit. RECOGNIZE WHO YOU ARE – Transform from someone who believes to someone who knows. Know your purpose, your passion and your truth. LOCATE YOURSELF – Know your body and where you are in your life, in relationship with your self and others. BECOME A FIREKEEPER – Be aware of your emotions, desires and needs and know how to guide them in a beneficial way. Learn to access, contain and feed your inner fire.



An artful life is a purposeful and creative way of being. It is a life of intimate connection with self-expression and awakened awareness. Cultivating an artful life opens us to inspiration and change. We become resourceful, resilient and trust life. We are able to accept all of what life offers: joy and pain. When we resist feeling our pain (grief, sadness, disappointment), our mind takes over and we suffer from endless loops of negative thoughts. Connecting to our bodies and our hearts offers relief from suffering and an opportunity to feel the pain. By not denying the darkness we actually make room for the light.



It’s all about relationships. We relate to our parents, life partners, lovers, friends and of course to our selves. The web of our relationships is one of the most important elements for our personal and collective well being; healthy relationships help us thrive. We constantly create and recreate these connections. Relating never stops. I ADVOCATE FOR US TO CREATE LOVINGLY AND TO LOVE CREATIVELY.


Frequent topics emerging in sessions are: existential challenges, spiritual guidance, trauma, anxiety, stress, feeling stuck, loneliness, intimacy, relationships, life purpose, low self-esteem, addiction, lack of clarity.










Couples Counseling

No matter what your circumstances are, you can be in a thriving relationship: a conscious relationship in which you support each other’s evolution; feel cared for, connected and alive within your partnership.

Being a committed couple can be challenging, especially if you choose to relate consciously and evolve together. Often it feels difficult to find freedom and expansion within your relationship rather than looking outside of it. You might fall into a negative dynamic with your partner and trigger each other’s habituated patterns. We all react from past painful or frightening experiences, rather than seeing our partner as the one we fell in love with. By recognizing how you trigger each other, you start to transform your relationship. In our sessions we find collaborative, creative ways for you to care for each other, help each other grow and create the relationship you want. You learn to communicate effectively, regenerate a healthy dynamic, and be in a thriving, conscious and loving relationship. We build a strong vessel for your Love.


Couples Counseling topics: premarital and marriage counseling, communication skills, trust and intimacy, sexuality, family and kids, money, needs, conscious relationship.



Conscious parenting is one of the most powerful, joyful and rewarding ways to live a meaningful life. If you’re considering having children together, it is particularly important to be aware of your relationship dynamic and transform it into an empowering, caring and collaborative one. Having children grows your relationship to be more complex. The responsibilities are greater, and the stress these cause can be overwhelming, especially if there is no strong support system from family and friends available to you. It is important to identify the needs of all family members clearly and establish good communication. Together, we will find ways for you to create a supportive field in which to be a thriving family.



Going separate ways does not have to be a dramatic and destructive procedure. It can be a peaceful and transformative process. You know that besides hurt feelings, you want to be in good relationship with the other parent, for the sake of your children and your own peace of mind. When co-parenting with a former partner, you are well aware of how tricky it can be to navigate all the interdependent relationships between new and previous partners on both sides. Recreate your relationship with your previous partner. With compassion and understanding you can develop helpful and achievable goals for a healthy and peaceful co-parenting experience. What a relief! I’m here to guide you to start relating in a mutually beneficial way. Your dance together changed, yet your dance and your lives continue!

Rad Dads

I’m co-facilitating this group for fathers, fathers-to-be and men who want to thrive in fatherhood. The role of Fatherhood is being actively re-defined in our generation and many men are unprepared for the new demands that this is placing on them. This group is an opportunity to cultivate the skills you need to be a “Rad Dad” and navigate the emotional and energetic challenges of Fatherhood and that includes being a better father to yourself. Together we will take the steps needed to more fully embody the Father that you want to be. More info here:

















An artful life is a purposeful and creative way of being. A life of intimate connection with self-expression and awakened awareness. In constant creative relationship with others and Nature, open to change and inspiration.




My name is Matthias Geiger and I am here to help individuals and couples with their creation of an artful and purposeful life. I wholeheartedly offer my guidance, wisdom, experience, skills, humor and creativity to you and the unfolding of your life’s journey.

I’m a graduate of the Hakomi Method, a form of somatic psychotherapy and very effective way for self-exploration and personal growth. I also source from the Re-Creation of Self, a direct way to access our inherently healthy and whole self. Eliciting the cooperation of our subconscious is essential for any healing to occur. I am working with shamanic tools and techniques, to access the subconscious and work with subtle energies. I have studied indigenous healing modalities and shamanic practices with renown teacher Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, PHD) at the at the Center for Sacred Studies and honor the deep wisdom transmitted through ritual and ceremony. I trained with Francoise Bourzat, MA to work with expanded states of consciousness. I guide individuals and couples through challenging and stressful transitions and to live without fear, doubt and insecurity. I am here to guide you through your obstacles to clarity and freedom and implement your envisioned life changes.

In my own life I faced existential fear when I left a secure career as a Professor of Art to pursue my calling to focus on healing work. I chose to apply the skills I developed as a teacher and one who sees, uplifts and tends creative, healing fires to my work in the healing arts. My sense of belonging, material security and self-esteem was challenged in this process of reorientation. Working with these challenges over time enabled me to connect with my deeper truth and heal old patterns of limiting beliefs. I continue to expressed myself through fine art, music and authentic movement. I practice Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, improvisational movement and song. Life is my greatest teacher. I lost my mother to cancer many years ago, worked through loss, separation and grief and gained new insights into the preciousness of life. I’m the father of two beautiful daughters who continuously show me what’s important in life.











It is Creativity that enables you to change your perspective, to deliberately aim your focus and freely choose a direction. Creativity lies within the center of your being, ready to be stirred and ignited. Creative energy is your life force. It gives your life forward momentum and the ability to experience freely. It helps you to connect with the world and affect it in a meaningful way.


Embodied Counseling, Hakomi Method, R-CS, Shamanic Healing and Journeying, Mentoring, Body/Mind Alignment, Therapeutic Touch, Breathing Meditation, Guided Visualization, Group Work, Creative Expression, Art and Ritual.



The Hakomi Method is one of the most beautiful and effective healing modalities I have encountered. It is a personal growth process and a form of body-centered psychotherapy. Hakomi is a Hopi Indian word meaning “How do you stand in relation to these realms?” In their way the Hopi are asking: ”Who are you really?”

In a state of mindfulness we can be fully present with our experience in the moment and become aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations in a non-judgmental way. The following are the Hakomi Principles I wholeheartedly integrate into my practice:

Unity: an inclusive awareness of the interrelatedness of things
Organicity: the recognition and honoring of each person’s individuality
Mind/Body/Spirit Holism: the assumption that all elements of experience are essential.
Mindfulness: the value of being genuinely aware of exactly what is happening
Nonviolence: a commitment to respect and loving regard
Truth: the pursuit of the actual nature of things
Change: the trust that things can and will move and evolve



I work with a Model of Human Systems called The Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS)R-CS gives clear instructions on being human. It is based on the knowledge that we all are intrinsically healthy and whole and that the experience of dis-ease is a temporary state. It is a clearly defined map of the Self. It is a direct method for restoring balance and peace and can dramatically shorten the time for a shift in behavior to occur.



I am available to work with individuals and couples on creating Ritual and Ceremony in support of their lives. We might deepen your experience in sessions through breath work, guided visualization, sound, music, movement and other methods. Shamanic healing is an excellent method to access the wisdom of the body. I will suggest and offer appropriate modalities based on your needs. This work is particularly useful and advised when trauma persists in your life or your life presents major challenges to you. It also works well to help you feel safe in the world and at peace with your self. It is a great opportunity to access your subconscious and receive previously inaccessible new insights. For couples it is a valuable opportunity to truly connect, find resolve with challenges and deepen your relationship.



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